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LAYOUT - ANIMATION - SHOT CREATION                                    Contact: - 00385 95 907 1732

Hi, this is my work. I have masters degree in animation from Art Academy Zagreb, and my focus was always creating short stories. Camera, light, motion and sound are the elements that I love to observe, learn and play with. Sometimes the results are good enough, other times not that much. But, the learning curve is there and a very important aspect. I didn't know how to edit short reel, because I didn't know what to focus on, so I've made this page with my, hopefully, best work. Hope you find something interesting. -Miran

Short clip, wanting to tell a behind the scenes story in a Star Wars universe. How would cold, Hoth shoot look like, with a droid and action vehicle, and where white snow messes the color balance of the camera? Empire propaganda movies are not shoot on a green screen stage, no,no.

I did everything except modeling the assets. Time to completion: 2 weeks

Another Star Wars story video. Trying to tell a short story with one shot. I did everything except modeling assets. I'm not big fan of modeling. Time to completion: 2 weeks

This one is a short, short film, with simple premise of a trooper escaping the stardestroyer. Idea was to create a look and feel of the 80's scifi movies, cartoons. There's couple of shot that are not good enough, but I did learn from them. Again, I did everything bar modeling, from script, storyboard, animatic, layout, animation, materials, modeling corridor(some modeling after all), light, rendering, compositing, editing. Time to completion: A month and a half

Month before The Force Awakens premiered, I did this one clip for a local SW fan club who organised premiere  of the movie. Made everything except modeling the assets. Time to completion: 5 days

Spidey swing is always fun exercise, there's bit of room for smother animation. Animated in 2, and setup+render 3 days.Time to completion: 5 days

This is made because I loved the design of 2011 Lotus Renault car. I've setup the rig so I could use my sim wheel and pedals to move it in scene and animate it in that way.  Time to completion: 3 weeks

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